All about the content factory

Publishing 1 or 2 videos and a few posts on social networks every month is no longer enough to increase your business and stand out from your competitors on the web. Even if the content is high value, it is also important to focus on quantity. Major brands have long adopted this strategy and produce thousands of pieces of content. This is called the content factory.

The content factory: what exactly is it?

Content factory means content factory. This translation allows a better understanding of this marketing strategy. The content factory consists of creating valuable content, but in a massive way. All formats are concerned. This can be written content such as blog articles, white papers, product sheets, landing pages, videos, podcasts, or even images and diagrams. The means of dissemination is just as wide and concerns the brand’s website, its blog or social media such as LinkedIn or YouTube. This editorial device is not intended for advertising purposes. It’s all about producing eye-catching and engaging premium content to boost brand awareness. The goal of the content factory is to provide useful information to the consumer in order to involve him and build his loyalty.

What are the prerequisites for setting up a content factory?

As with any project, you need to define your reasons for adopting this device. It is imperative to determine in advance the editorial angle, the content format to be produced, the frequency of publication, etc. The content factory is a long-term project. The implementation of this editorial service therefore requires sufficient financial, human and material resources. This approach requires a dedicated team with different profiles and solid skills. This editorial department is composed of, among others, copywriters, professionals in video creation, possibly motion designers, graphic designers and a community manager. These experts must have at their disposal the tools and materials necessary to carry out the tasks entrusted to them, such as word processing and image editing software, a proofreader, an image bank, a WordPress plugin, etc.

Setting up an effective content factory: how to go about it?

A sustained production rhythm implies the implementation of an editorial charter, a graphic charter as well as the writing of clear briefs. Each member of the team assigned to the content factory service must therefore comply rigorously and have a perfect knowledge of the tasks assigned to him. Production tracking documents indicating deadlines, content status and topics covered are also essential. In order to deal with unforeseen events such as a service provider who withdraws, it is necessary to plan ahead and find appropriate solutions. It is also essential to make communication more fluid by centralizing exchanges. In addition to quality, the regularity and sharing of up-to-date and recent information guarantee the success of the content factory.

POP Productions is in charge of the audiovisual part

Along with editorial content, videos are a preferred format in the content factory. However, not everyone is responsible for creating this medium. For the past fifteen years, POP Productions has been assisting you with all your audiovisual projects, whether they be music videos, corporate videos or promotional videos. You can rely on our experienced and inspired team to create high quality audiovisual content at a fast pace. If you want to enrich your content factory by producing podcasts, we have a professional studio. We also have talented motion designers among our staff.

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