Creating a car ad with Unreal Engine 5

This tutorial shows you behind the scenes ofa 3D car ad with Unreal Engine 5!

First, you will create your world (Ref: Unreal Engine 5 – Beginner’s tutorial). There is no particular need to create a complete world. Indeed, one of the possibilities is to build your universe by placing your camera at the place you want. This will allow you to arrange your composition as you wish.

Then we can place our subject. Our car ad will be with the 3D model of the 2017 Ford Mustang GT, a car with a rather nice design.

We start with the download of the 3D Asset of the car (.abc file), which is available for free here. This file includes all the individual parts of the car, which is essential for customizing it later. Then, just import it and deactivate the “Merge Meshes” option to have access to the different components.

If the import went well, you will see a series of 3D elements displayed. As you might expect, these are the various components of your car. You have to select all of them and place them in your world. For my part, I chose to position the car on the side of a mountain and to have a view on the ocean.

When this step is finished, we just have to make our car more realistic and insert different texture packs. These are also free and available on the “Marketplace” tab of the Epic Games launcher. Just search for “Automative Materials”, download it and add it to your project.

Your items will already be sorted by component. You just have to place your texture with a continuous left click on each element, and that’s it!

The last step consists of placing one or more cameras. I invite you to watch the first tutorial that explains how to create cinematics on Unreal Engine 5.

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