General terms and conditions of sale

1. Introduction

The services of POP Productions S.P.R.L., residing at 4, Rue d’Herchies, 7050, Jurbise in Belgium and registered under the VAT number BE 0677.966.058 are governed by the General Terms and Conditions of Sale detailed below. Unless otherwise stated in the quotation or invoice, these conditions are always applicable. Verbal commitments are only binding on POP Productions S.P.R.L. after written and signed confirmation.

The services provided by POP Productions S.P.R.L. and their purpose are detailed in the quote, invoice and/or purchase order.

If, during the course of execution, it appears that additional work is necessary, this will be determined either by a new purchase order or fixed by a written exchange (e-mail for example) between the parties.

2. Deadlines

The duration of the project and the intervention are mentioned on the invoice and/or in the purchase order. These deadlines are given only as an indication and cannot give place to damages, nor to the cancellation of the order.

3. Financial Conditions

Unless otherwise agreed with the Customer, a 50% deposit is required upon signature of the order form. If the client cancels the contract less than 2 working days before the scheduled date of the project, POP Productions S.P.R.L. reserves the right to keep the 50% deposit as compensation. In the event that service providers (actors, musicians, etc.) have been booked, POP Productions S.P.R.L. reserves the right to claim up to 100% of the amount of their services.

The balance of the invoice is payable within a period of time specified on the invoice. Failure to pay by the due date will automatically and without prior notice lead to the immediate payment of all outstanding amounts, plus interest calculated at the rate of the National Bank increased by 2%, as well as a fixed compensation of 15% with a minimum of 100.00€. POP Productions reserves the right to suspend the execution of the order until full payment of the sums due, without the client being able to claim any compensation as a result.

Advance payments made by the Customer are to be applied to the price of the order. They constitute a beginning of execution and not a deposit, the abandonment of which would authorize the Customer to release himself from his obligations.

All prices are net prices without VAT unless otherwise stated.

Any complaint regarding an invoice must be sent by registered letter within 7 days of the invoice date, otherwise the said invoice is accepted without reservation.

4. intellectual property

Any artistic, computer or other creation made by or on behalf of POP Productions SPRL shall remain the exclusive property of POP Productions SPRL, unless otherwise expressly stipulated in the contract.

It is only made available to the Customer on a strictly personal basis and for a duration, a use (TV, radio, web, etc.) and a territory fixed by the order form and on the invoice.

The customer who transmits a broadcast or duplication order must have the right to do so and assumes exclusive responsibility in this respect towards third parties. Consequently, the customer guarantees POP Productions S.P.R.L. against any recourse from third parties claiming non-respect of their rights.

This contract is subject to Belgian law.

In case of dispute, the courts of the district of Brussels are competent.