Hip hop clip : Hakda from Dark Out

A hip hop video produced in two days with a top team

The rapper Dark Out contacted us and presented us the concept of his video, both simple and full of technical challenges.

The scenario? A choreographer motivates his dance troupe and argues with the lead dancer. This one makes a brilliant comeback…

For once, the dancers become real actors of the clip and the rapper lends himself to the comedy.

The realization of this clip would not have been possible without the troupe of Finale FX and its choreographer Alain Imbata.

They immediately understood our requests and brought their touch with a modern choreography, hip hop and worked for the camera game.

A quick and easy production process for a powerful hip hop video

This hip hop video also allowed us to coach the actors to play naturally and confrontationally. We used several techniques in order to obtain a credible result from non-professional actors.

One day of rehearsal and one day of shooting were necessary to produce this clip, shot with a small crew, a Sony Alpha 7S III, some Sigma ART lenses and the DJI Ronin RS2.

We thank all the people involved and salute the hyper pro work of these dancers of shock.
Music videos are a way for us to try out new ideas and produce images of our own. And we are always delighted to be able to collaborate with talented artists, who give back to us!

“I absolutely recommend Pop Production BE for artists looking to make the next best thing in music video. I came with a rough idea, they listened to me, help me shape my ideas, and came back quickly with a very affordable proposal. They delivered on every single thing they promised. The team is so kind and friendly and will work with you to create what you had in mind”

Dark Out

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