How to make a successful testimonial video?

To increase your notoriety and find new customers, have you considered integrating the testimonial video in your content strategy? This audiovisual medium has many advantages and its design can be entrusted to a professional for results that meet your expectations.

What is a testimonial video?

The testimonial video is based on the same concept as word of mouth, an excellent way to convince a potential customer about the quality of a company’s services and products. This content uses the positive opinion of a customer on a commercial offer. Its objective is to reassure users and eventually convert potential customers. If the testimonial is about a brand, the video allows it to gain credibility, but also to distinguish itself from the competition and thus increase its reputation. You can distribute the content on your website, but also on other media like social networks and your YouTube channel.

Who is it for?

This audiovisual content is dedicated to potential customers who are hesitant. It allows you to prove to them that your company and your offers are reliable based on the opinions of other consumers. A testimonial video must also be able to arouse the curiosity of a reluctant consumer, already used to one of your competitors, and make him want to know more about your products and services. Your loyal customers are also targets of a testimonial video. It must reassure them in their choice and thus generate commitment. As far as its publication is concerned, it can be scheduled in parallel with the promotion of a commercial offer.

The keys to a successful testimonial video

To be relevant, this digital strategy must take into account different points, such as the choice of the interviewee. Of course, you should look for a customer who is fully satisfied with your offer. It may be worthwhile to call in an expert. A personality such as an influencer can also bring strong value to your audiovisual content. Before the recording, make sure to give the interviewee the questionnaire so that he/she can prepare his/her answers, while remaining natural. To ensure its credibility and yours at the same time, no exaggeration is allowed. The consumer should stick to the facts, why they chose you, sharing their experience and the results.

The length of the video is another important point. It is a short video of variable length between 1 and 2 minutes, not more. This is essential to keep the audience’s attention. In fact, everything is played out in the first few seconds. So you need to get straight to the point as soon as the video is launched to make sure your audience watches it from start to finish. Many videos are also muted. Therefore, it’s a good idea to add subtitles to your testimonial video to encourage users to watch it wherever they are and whatever the conditions.

POP Productions, your video creator

The creation of a testimonial video requires certain skills in both image capture and video editing, hence the interest in entrusting its design to a professional agency. At POP Productions, we take care of everything from script development to broadcasting on the channels of your choice. We have a complete equipment with the point of technology to carry out all the missions that you entrust to us. To digitalize your brand and to increase your credibility, you also need a responsive website. You can also call on our team for its design.

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