How to make an audit of its site?

Your website is now functional. But the most important thing remains to be done. You will need to audit it regularly to ensure its effectiveness and to establish your presence on the web. But why and how?

Why and when to proceed to an audit of your website?

Conducting a websiteaudit is essential to determine its performance from a marketing, technical and ergonomic point of view. The in-depth analysis of these three criteria allows us to define the blocking factors to be corrected, but also the points to be reinforced. The frequency of the audit of your website depends on different parameters such as the number of pages hosted, the volume of traffic or the services and products offered. But as a general rule, it is advisable to do an analysis every month for e-commerce sites and every 3 months for storefront sites. Tools are available to perform certain tasks and to obtain weekly reports.

Site audit: What to evaluate?

A complete audit is essential for a proper site analysis. It must then cover :

The technical aspect

The technical audit mainly concerns the security of the data. A website must apply certain practices such as the use of a recent version of an SSL protocol and a regular update of the CMS. The use of cookies, which make it possible to determine the behavior of a user on a site, is also subject to strict regulations that must be complied with as indicated by the Data ProtectionAuthority.

The content of the site

Here, it is mainly aboutSEO audit. The analysis of the tags for each web page, the structure of the titles, the use of relevant keywords sheds light on the positioning in the search engines and allows to make the necessary corrections to improve it. Theoptimization of the natural referencing must not alter the quality of the content which must be unique and relevant for the users.

The design

The design of a website influences the perception of the brand, hence the importance of an audit to improve certain points and carry out a redesign if necessary. An analysis of the general visual rendering will be necessary, including the choice of colors, the presence of a header, a main menu and calls to action.

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The ergonomics

This type of audit ensures that the site is easy to navigate. Among the points to consider is its responsive quality, that is to say its compatibility with different media from computer to smartphone. The implementation of a coherent tree structure for an intuitive navigation is also essential. A good ergonomics also takes into account the loading time of the pages for a pleasant navigation.

The marketing aspect

This marketing component of the site audit measures goal achievement and lead generation, but also ensures that calls to action such as account creation are effective and that your site is relevant to your target audience.

How do you conduct the actual evaluation?

If you plan to audit your site yourself, you can turn to free tools that perform an analysis of the technical and possibly SEO aspects of your site. If you have the means, paid tools allow you to perform a more in-depth audit. For the analysis of design, web marketing and ergonomics, human intervention remains essential. You can also entrust this audit to a professional.

An efficient website with POP Productions

The audit of a website is essential. Nevertheless, to avoid making important changes at the end of this analysis, as soon as it is created, call on our team. At POP Productions, we create your e-commerce or showcase site according to the rules of the art. We offer you a platform that suits you and in responsive design. After the delivery of your site, you also benefit from a one-year support contract.

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