Improve your video SEO

To position a web page of your site in the first position of search engines, the optimization should not only focus on the editorial content. It is also important to ensure that videos posted on your online portal or other media are properly referenced. So how do you go about it?

Best practices for an optimal natural video referencing

Video SEO or VSEO encompasses different practices to improve the positioning of a video in search engine results. Here are the most important ones to consider.

Focus on quality video

How to recognize a high value-added content? Search engines rely on dwell time, which is the time a visitor spends on a page. For Google, the higher the dwell time, the more interesting the video content. It is therefore necessary to look for relevant subjects to develop, but also to guarantee the quality of the captation and the editing.

Opt for an adapted accommodation

With their millions, even billions of users, video hosting platforms like YouTube or Vimeo allow to reach a larger audience and thus improve the visibility of the contents. They also provide good image quality and fast loading time, which is not always possible with a website. But posting video content on your online portal helps to keep users’ attention. Your video is not contaminated by banner ads, audio-visual content suggestions and more.

Transcribe the video

It is important to subtitle your video for two reasons. Many people watch videos without sound, and the transcripts allow them to watch them to the end. Search engine robots are more sensitive to textual content than to visual content. Although some platforms such as YouTube allow for automatic transcription, you should take the time to correct any mistakes. If the video is long, a summary transcript will do.

Take care of the metadata

Metadata includes the meta title and meta description tags. They must be relevant, without being too long. You should also make sure to write a short description, but one that summarizes the content of the video. The choice of the miniature is also essential. You need a catchy thumbnail, on YouTube you can change it.

Integrate video-friendly keywords

In the textual content such as the meta description and the description, it is advisable to place queries frequently used by Internet users and recognized by search engines such as Google or YouTube. Their presence optimizes the natural referencing of the video. There are tools that allow you to generate these keywords.

Adapting the format to mobiles

Users most often watch videos on their smartphones and tablets and less on their computers. It is therefore advisable to make the videos in several formats so that they can be adapted to all the terminals used: portrait on smartphones and landscape on computers.

Integrate timestamps

Timestamps are used to mark key moments in a video and redirect the user directly to the part of the video that corresponds to his request. They should be integrated into the description and not as a pinned comment. A short description must accompany a timestamp for better referencing.

Premium quality and well referenced videos with POP Productions

POP Productions is a human-sized agency that guarantees personalized support for website creation and audiovisual content production. We comply with your expectations, but we also have a duty of advice to ensure the success of your project. For the creation of video, our team accompanies you from the development of the scenario. Our complete equipment and our know-how allow us to carry out all the steps related to the shooting and the postproduction. And because the production of a video must be carefully thought out, you can access a guide with the main points to consider before embarking on such a project.

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