Institutional Advertising : Les Habitats Groupés

Social media advertising with pizzazz and style

To enhance the image of grouped housing, we went to a housing project where we filmed portraits of the inhabitants.

In order to move away from a somewhat static vision of the corporate video, we imagined a campaign for social networks with a sign that allows the viewer to ask questions.

With more than 30,000 views on social networks, the campaign was a hit and earned us rave reviews from our clients.

Call on POP Production for your institutional advertising

At POP Productions, we believe that a corporate video can be fun and funny, as long as it departs from the usual concepts. Don’t hesitate to challenge us, you’ll be amazed at the results!

“We filmed this vignette with ten or so residents of grouped housing units, including elderly people who were a little stressed by their relationship with the image. With gentleness and firmness and the active collaboration of Laetitia, your make-up artist (who succeeded in the tour de force of making up while listening and reassuring), you put the participants at ease and in this way, they were relaxed and happy to participate in the project.”

Joannie Thys – Communications Officer, Habitat and Participation A.S.B.L

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