Live Cover – Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone by Senso

A live cover all in emotions

We went to Kamilou for a live cover of a Senso concert. Using a single camera, we were able to give the impression of a complete multicam.

This technique that we developed for Sofar Sounds consists of capturing a maximum number of cutaways, especially very wide ones, with which we can pace our editing.

We were helped in this by the artist who performed an encore of this song at the end of the concert, which allowed us to mix two takes, one of which stayed on the artist for a long time, and the other one focused on capturing the audience’s reactions. As the second take was the last of the set, the atmosphere was great!

This way of shooting allows us to create the illusion of a multicam by multiplying the portraits, playing with blurs and generic wide shots that do not allow us to appreciate the artist’s lipping.

A performance appreciated by Senso:

The effect is incredible. So much with so little!

Senso – Singer

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