Making a corporate film to present your company: why?

Videos are becoming more and more attractive to Internet users. 80% of users prefer to watch audiovisual content rather than read text. The video to present your company is thus obvious.

What is a corporate video?

Institutional film, company film or corporate film are all expressions used to designate a company video. Its purpose is to present your company, your history, your core business and your values. A corporate film can then highlight your services and products. The content can include interviews with the CEO and employees, customer testimonials, but also graphics and possibly animations. You can use a corporate video during events, to present yourself to partners, targets, investors. It can also be inserted next to your recruitment ads on social networks or platforms dedicated to the diffusion of job offers.

What are the advantages of a corporate video?

  • Improve your brand image

The realization of a corporate film testifies to your seriousness and allows you to enhance your image. This medium also gives a dynamic and up-to-date image of your company.

  • Making a mark

It is said that we retain 70% of what we see and hear. A video to present your company is much better assimilated and retained than another medium. But nothing prevents you from completing your marketing campaign with brochures and flyers.

  • Increase visibility

A corporate video belongs on the first page of your website, but not only. Internet supports are now multiplying. So you can post it on social networks. You also optimize your visibility by broadcasting your corporate film on YouTube, Dailymotion and other video platforms.

  • Boost the referencing of your site

By including videofriendly keywords in your video presentation, it is quite possible to improve its positioning on Google or YouTube. A well referenced video is also a site positioned on the first pages of search engines.

  • Unite your employees

A corporate film can also be used for internal communication. It is a good way to share your values with your employees and to develop certain topics. The video capture is an opportunity for your teams to share good moments.

POP Prod Present your company in video 2
  • Getting closer to your target

The real shot allows users to discover your company, your teams and possibly your operating mode without artifice. By being transparent, you humanize your company and reinforce the proximity with your community.

  • Reduced cost

In principle, you only pay for the services of the professional who will be in charge of filming and editing the video. The distribution of the audiovisual content thus created on different channels such as social networks or video platforms is usually free.

POP Productions produces a corporate video that looks like you

Creating a corporate film in-house is possible if you have sufficient human and material resources. Mobilizing your team members takes time and can affect your production. To produce a corporate video, it is best to call on a professional and creative production agency such as POP Productions. Our passionate and experienced team will accompany you at every stage of the production of your corporate film, from the creation of the storyboard, to the editing, to the captation. Our versatility allows you to stand out with the integration of motion design animations or aerial shots with a drone.

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