Photo animation: The 25 years of the Committee of the Regions

An animated timeline for a historical moment

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the European Committee of the Regions, we produced this animation which mixes several techniques, including photo animation, parallax and dynamic titling.

The client’s request was to use a maximum of archives and extracts of speeches to tell the story of the 25 years of the European Committee of the Regions.

Photo animation and 3D compositing

In order to give life to these archives, we animated them with After Effects in the 3D space with a lot of effects, especially particles.

We also used dynamic titling alternating a handwritten font with square lettering. Finally, the different compositions have been linked together, taking care of the transitions as much as possible.

This video was shown in the Parliament of the European Committee of the Regions during the celebration of the Committee’s 25th anniversary.

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