SEO and SEA: why use paid ads (or not)?

Few Internet users go beyond the first page of search engine results. It is therefore in your interest to be included if you want to gain visibility and develop traffic on your website. Used wisely, SEO and SEA allow you to position yourself well. But when should you favour organic referencing and in which situations should you invest in paid ads?

SEO, why opt for organic referencing?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization consists in improving the positioning of a web page in search results by taking into account the structure and quality of the content, using relevant keywords or backlinks. Improving your visibility on the web by opting for organic referencing takes time. It takes about 6 months to get a good positioning, although natural referencing has certain advantages:

– Traffic is stable. A page that appears in the first results of Google is not likely to change overnight to the 100th page.

– This strategy is less expensive than an advertising campaign.

– A sustainable positioning. Unlike SEA, even if the budget is reached, the position is maintained since it depends on different criteria such as the quality of the content and the regularity of the publications.

SEA, when to invest in paid ads?

The SEA or Search Engine Advertising is the paid referencing. You pay Google per click, per acquisition or per thousand displays of the advertising campaign to position your web page in the first results. These ads are the ones usually placed at the beginning of the page with the mention “ad”. The SEA requires a fairly large budget, but in return allows :

– A good positioning only a few hours after the paid ad was put online. This strategy is for those who want immediate results.

– A precise targeting to boost the conversion rate, but it is necessary to ensure that the tool used – in this case Google Adwords – is properly configured, especially with regard to the choice of keywords.

POP Prod SEO and SEA

SEO and SEA, two complementary solutions

SEO and SEA both have their advantages. The choice between organic and paid search depends on the objectives to be reached and the budget available. But to gain visibility, it is best to combine these two SEO strategies. Thanks to SEA, it is possible to quickly increase traffic on the site and boost its visibility, especially in the case of a new platform that wants to stand out from the competition. The SEO allows for its part to perpetuate the positioning. However, when opting for this hybrid strategy, it is essential to adopt the right keyword strategy. First, you need to establish the list of queries that refer to your site through SEO and then define additional keywords to generate traffic.

Optimize your web positioning with Pop Productions

At Pop Productions, we accompany you in all the stages of the creation of your website. We allow you to access functional, mobile friendly platforms, but also designed to improve its positioning in search engines. Our team is specialized in SEO. You can also entrust us with the production of videos to enhance your website and/or establish your presence on other communication channels such as social networks. We also offer you a nicer alternative to the classic videos, the motion design. We excel in the creation of 2D and 3D animation as well as video graphics that match your needs.

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