Tips for pre-production of a video

For an impactful video that grabs and holds attention, it’s not enough to hire a cameraman to shoot footage on the fly and then proceed with the video editing. A successful video requires a rigorous work before the shooting. The intervention of an experienced production agency such as POP Productions can be invaluable during this pre-production phase.

Set the objectives of the video

As with any project, first determine clear objectives. A teaser, a corporate video, a commercial, a promotional film, a corporate video, a product demonstration, a tutorial, a video on YouTube and social networks, a customer interview or a testimonial all have their specificities. Surround yourself, set up a little brainstorming with your team to define which video best meets your needs. The content, but also the tone used will not be the same depending on the type of video chosen.

Focus on a good storyboard

Once the broad outlines of your audiovisual project have been established and before starting the shooting, it is time to go into the details of your video with the creation of the storyboard. All the steps in the making of your video will be recorded in the form of illustrations, a bit like a comic book, unlike a script which is limited to text. But of course, different notes will support the drawings made by hand or made with a storyboarding software to bring more precision to the successive plans. This document will save you precious time and energy during the shooting. It gives you a clear picture of each plan and their relevance. This framework prevents you from dwelling on ideas that are not worthwhile. It is an excellent planning tool that takes into account all the details, even the smallest ones, but each one has its importance. It is not always easy to convey what you have in mind to the rest of the team. The storyboard remedies this and allows you to better convey your ideas and thus avoid disappointment.

Refine the other phases of pre-production

Pre-production also includes other steps that will ensure the smooth running of the shoot in addition to the detailed information provided in the storyboard. It implies, among other things, to proceed to a detailed analysis, that is to say to take note of the different information relative to the main people and to the extras, to their costumes, to the scenery without forgetting the material. It is also within the framework of the pre-production that the team carries out the location scouting and the study of the shooting sites. It is indeed necessary to check for example the surface of the place, its luminosity or the presence or not of work, of noise pollution, but also of the need for an authorization for the shooting. Pre-production also includes casting and budgeting.

Entrust the preparation of your video to POP Productions

At POP Productions, we make video creation our business. Our multidisciplinary, professional and passionate team will accompany you at every stage of your project. Our experience in the field allows us to provide you with relevant advice from the preparation of your video. Tell us your ideas during an initial meeting and we will help you bring them to life, first by writing the script and designing a storyboard. Once our proposal is validated, our production company takes care of all the steps inherent to the pre-production such as casting or everything related to the shooting location, but also the recruitment of the team for the shooting or the capture of your event. Our services continue of course at the level of post-production.

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