Unreal Engine: Getting Started for Beginners

Unreal Engine is a video game engine developed by Epic Games. Originally conceived as a creative environment for developers, the Unreal Engine has become a reference in video games but also in 3D cinematic animation and in special effects for the cinema (as on the series ‘The Mandalorian’ produced by Disney for example). In this tutorial we will learn how to create a very realistic and immersive virtual world.

A free and easy to use engine

Whether you are a professional, an enthusiast or just curious, Unreal Engine offers its services without spending a cent. All you need is a computer that can handle it, of course.

In addition to being free, Unreal Engine is easy to use. Indeed, you don’t need to have studied graphic design or 3D modeling to create realistic environments. When you start a “new level”, you automatically have all the atmosphere, sun, shadow, cloud effects that are predefined to your world. No need to break your head, everything is already there!

In addition, Epic Games provides you with a multitude of 3D objects, called “Megascans”, which you can use to create your universe. All these objects have an exceptional photorealistic rendering, and can be placed anywhere and in any way.

In this tutorial for beginners on Unreal Engine 5, I explain you the whole process of creating a small virtual world with simple words. How to download the software and create your first world? How to get there? Where to upload your 3D objects to insert in your world? Finally, we will create a short movie with the available filmmaking tools.

If you are a beginner, this tutorial should give you the tools to create your first world. You will see that it does not take more than thirty minutes to be able to create amazing virtual environments!

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