Video campaign for social networks: La Mission Locale pour l’Emploi

A video campaign designed for social networks

The brief was very clear. The Mission Locale pour l’Emploi de Bruxelles Capitale wanted a video campaign oriented for social networks that was inspiring and modern. Based on references such as Nike’s ads or this SNCF ad, we wrote a motivational speech.

The challenge was to show all the facets of the Mission Locale pour l’Emploi and in particular to address its diversified public, composed as much of young job seekers as of profiles in reorientation coming from weakened backgrounds.

A progressive and malleable workflow

It was not possible to fully illustrate the voice-over without requiring a large panel of actors. In order to keep the budget, we started with a montage based on stock images. Of course, we had to find some tricks to locate the content. We were able to find some great drone shots of Brussels. Through keyword research, we were able to tell a visual story that fit the content of the voiceover.

This ‘draft’ stage allowed us to present the client with a first version. From there, we decided to add a city shoot to add a story that brings authenticity and a personalized touch that is fatally lacking in stock images.

Check out the campaign above, feel free to tell us what you think. And if you are looking for an agency for your next project, do not hesitate to contact us!

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