Video campaign: how to succeed?

A video campaign consists in inserting ads like banners on videos on Youtube, but also on social networks and sites. This process allows you to increase your notoriety, improve your brand image and eventually boost your sales. To optimize your corporate video campaign, here are the main points to know.

Tips for a successful video campaign

  • Define your goals

First and foremost, you need to determine why you want to proceed with a video campaign, especially if you are considering using Google Ads. Is it to promote your products and services? Do you want to generate leads or push users to buy? Do you want to increase the traffic on your website?

  • Take care of your ads

The ads are composed of a title that can be completed with a call to action, especially on Google Ads. To catch the user’s attention while watching a main video or browsing a site, it’s important to come up with a catchy title and a relevant call to action.

  • Target your audience well

Focus your efforts on getting your ads on the screens of consumers who may be interested in your brand and services to maximize the conversion rate. Depending on the tool you use, targeting can be based on demographics such as gender, age, professional or personal status, geographic location and interests.

  • Use your budget wisely

Creating a video campaign can be free or paid. In the latter case, the frequency of distribution and the way the campaign appears on videos and sites depends on your budget. Whether you use Google Ads or a Facebook tool, you need to choose the right bidding strategy for your needs, depending on whether you want to increase views, conversions,impressions or clicks.

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Which KPIs to measure the performance of your video campaign?

To determine the success of your video campaign, you can refer to the following KPI’s or key performance indicators:

  • the number of views of your videos,
  • the number of clicks, comments or shares,
  • the recall rate of your brand,
  • the completion rate. This measures the share of users who have watched a video in part or in full.

Which ad format to choose?

You can choose between different formats for your video campaign:

  • The instream ad. Your ad is presented in a main video. It can be inserted before, in the middle or at the end of the video. This advertising can be disabled, i.e. the user can ignore it after a few seconds of viewing.
  • The outstream announcement. Your advertisement in this case is inserted into a site or applications. This format is only compatible with tablets and smartphones depending on the tools used.
  • The bumper ad. This 6-second ad allows for better targeting and cannot be ignored.
  • The In-Feed video announcement. This advertisement is best suited for promoting a video. It is inserted for example in the search results or on the YouTube page.

A successful video campaign with Pop Productions

At Pop Productions, we specialize in everything related to the creation of video content, whether it’s a making of, a web series or a music video. If you want to increase your visibility on the web and your notoriety, we also realize your video campaign. Before you embark on this media campaign, check out our free guide that will provide you with more information on such a project.

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