Video clip of Dounia Diamond: ‘Really Real

A video clip produced at lightning speed

The singer Dounia Diamond contacted us to make her ‘Really Real’ video in acoustic mode. We proposed to him to organize a lightning shoot in half a day in the beautiful Sunny Side Studios Inc.

So we came with a lighting kit and decided to make intimate portraits, in phase with the universe of the song.

In addition to the shooting of the clip, we also took the opportunity to do a quick photo shoot to offer the artist a complete package for the promotion of his song.

Rapid post-production that puts the artist in control

The editing took place in one day in our studios. Then the artist came to our offices to make a half-day of corrections.

The video clip offer that we have deployed is aimed at young self-producing artists. Often these artists try to replicate the clips they see on TV, produced with a big budget, and try to do the same thing with a small budget. However, this comes at a considerable cost and we believe that in the early stages of your career, it is best to focus your energy and resources on reaching a community. By offering a low-cost formula, we allow these artists to focus on the essential. And to produce cheap but high quality content for their fans.

A collaboration that delighted Dounia Diamond.

Thanks, it was a great experience 🙂

Dounia Diamond

Check out her video above and feel free to follow her on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram!

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