Video kiss kiss bank bank: Culturius

A kickstarter campaign made to measure

We produced this kiss bank video for Culturius based on a montage of stock footage gleaned from Storyblocks.

We wrote a voice over, set the music and then we were inspired by the Culturius graphic charter to incorporate it in the form of a motion design in our editing.

A Kiss Kiss Bank campaign realized in record time!

The campaign took three weeks to create, and this allowed the client to launch their kickstarter campaign in a timely manner.

The challenge was great because it was to illustrate the European scope of the project and therefore to show emblematic places of the Continent without being limited to postcards. As we started with stock images, we wanted to give personality to the editing. To break the corporate side of things and address the emotions of the spectator. The writing of the voice-over and the music allowed us to give a real personality to our advertisement, while emphasizing the points required by the client. We wanted to show a human face for this Kiss Kiss Bank video and we carefully selected our portraits. Finally, we started from template after effects to illustrate the website in a modern and professional way.

A rewarding collaboration that allowed us to create an inspiring video for a highly unifying project.

It was a pleasure to collaborate with Pop Production! The team is great and we appreciated their enthusiasm for the project, their professionalism, their flexibility and the speed of execution: quickly done, very well done! We will not hesitate to call on them again.

Benoite Iradukunda, in charge of Culturius magazine

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