Video for internal communication

The lack of internal communication can be fatal for a company. It is difficult to communicate when employees work in different locations or are based abroad. Video is a real communication tool that allows better communication and maintains cohesion between teams.

Why choose video?

Already busy with their daily tasks, your teams may be reluctant to read textual content as opposed to video. A well thought out video captures and holds attention. Soliciting both hearing and sight, this format promotes the memorization of information. This type of content is also easier to understand. Moreover, its distribution is not very restrictive. Internal publication is possible, but also on specific platforms such as social media.

How to use video for internal communication?

Different options can be considered for integrating video into internal communication actions:

  • Introduce the teams

If everyone knows what his or her tasks are within the company, it is important that all employees know who is doing what to ensure a smooth flow of information between the various departments. Video is a great way for every employee to present themselves whether it’s through a summary of their day or an interview. This format is also ideal for introducing teams to new recruits and facilitating their integration.

  • Train employees

Companies must regularly upgrade their employees through training. To make these sessions more dynamic and encourage learning, explanatory videos are ideal. Thanks to subtitles in various languages, they can be adapted to different audiences for distance learning and other purposes. It is also worthwhile to provide employees with tutorials that clearly explain complex tasks. These videos allow them to save time, knowing that each week, an employee loses 7h30 in the search for a training without finding it.

  • Facilitate the dissemination of information

Your employees receive a lot of e-mails on a daily basis. And to prevent them from being overwhelmed by textual content and to circulate information more easily, the choice of a video is relevant for the dissemination of news, upcoming events, company activities and projects, etc.

Boosting the company culture

Passing on your company’s values to your employees is a guarantee of sustainability. And what better way to share your vision and get your team to understand you than to put them in pictures? In addition to federating your employees, this type of video can also be posted next to your recruitment ads and thus make new talents want to join your company.

Tips for a good video strategy

Making videos to present your teams, share your values or train your employees is a good thing. You also need to make it easy for your employees to access this content. In this case, the best thing to do is to group them together on a platform. They should be adapted to mobile distribution so that they can be consulted without constraint. In the design of videos, it is also important to establish rules such as the topics developed or the language register used.

POP Production, your audiovisual production agency

Videos helpimprove communication within the company. But their implementation requires specific know-how to obtain the expected results. POP Productions can help you produce audiovisual content. We offer you complete packages among different delivery formats suitable for both websites and social networks. For original content, our versatile team also specializes in motion design.

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