Vlogging, a marketing sector that works

Audiovisual content is an integral part of an effective marketing strategy. The formats are numerous. Among the most fashionable at the moment is the vlog. What does it involve? Can we make this support ourselves or should we entrust its design to a professional? Answers.

What is a vlog?

The word “vlog” is a contraction of video and blog. With the video podcast, it is another way to share video content on the Internet. The digital presence is also reinforced. A vlog is a small report, often assimilated to a diary that presents the daily life of the vlogger. When an influencer is commissioned by a brand, he or she can promote a product and/or showcase the company behind the scenes.

To develop audiences, the publication of a vlog must be done on a regular basis on a platform like YouTube, on social networks or a website. Vlogging does not exclude sharing blog posts or articles. On the contrary, this practice allows to enrich the content and to optimize the referencing. To be listed on the first pages of a search engine like Google, a vlog must also be accompanied by a description with strong keywords.

Vlogging: why such a success?

The vlog is a lever to increase the level of a blog. If textual content allows to share a point of view or an event, the vlog involves more the audience. This format creates a proximity between the user and the vlogger and better captures attention. In fact, one minute of video would be worth 1.8 million words of text, according to the study “How Video Will Take Over the World” by James McQuivey, vice president of Forrest Research. This company specializes in the study of the impact of new technologies on the business sector. And let’s face it, no Internet user will take the time to read such a long content. For brands, vlogging is also an important marketing tool to promote their products or services, knowing that 73% of visitors to an online store are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video.


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How to create a vlog?

First of all, you must define the theme to be treated. For a brand, the topics are quite natural since they will be about the services and products it offers. For an individual, it is more difficult. You need something to write about, something that interests people, but also a subject that the vlogger has mastered to perfection.

It is then necessary to determine and create an account on distribution platforms. The choice of distribution channel will depend on the target audience: YouTube for the general public, LinkedIn for professionals, TikTok for a young audience, etc. In addition to these platforms, it is possible to post your video on your website or share it as a newsletter. Vlogging also involves the use of equipment for capturing images – camera, microphone, tripod – and software for video editing. For these tools, some are available for free. The most efficient ones are paying.

Get started in vlogging with POP Productions

At POP Productions, we take care of everything related to audiovisual creation, whether it is a video clip, a corporate video or a vlog. Our creative and attentive team will meet all your requirements and adapt the project to your budget. If you are planning to start vlogging, if you don’t want to limit yourself to publications on YouTube, we are at your disposal for the creation of an attractive, well referenced and responsive website.

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