Website creation : l’Infini Théâtre

A custom website creation with multiple possibilities

Dominique Serron ‘s company contacted us to take over their Web communication. The challenge of this project was to preserve the existing content and restructure it to make it easier to read.

It was also essential for the company to be able to manage the updating of the site itself. That it is in responsive design and on the WordPress platform.

In order to make it easier to get started, we have organized two courses and training sessions. We also provide customized assistance via phone calls or specially made video tutorials .

A large part of the work also consisted in giving advice in the processing of the images.

This point is particularly crucial because customers often forget that they have to save bandwidth at all costs, and therefore do not hesitate to send images that are 6 times too large, over 2MB. One of the first tasks we did was to resize the images, using Photoshop and adapted plugins, likeimagify.

An assistance contract for over 3 years

When we take part in the creation of a website, we don’t just deliver an optimized and easy-to-access web platform. We continue the work via an annual maintenance and support contract including all updates, backups, plugin renewals, troubleshooting and support.

This way, you know that you can count on a reliable partner to make your projects succeed on the world wide web.

Infini Théâtre website

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