What are the new video trends for social networks?

Real-time communication, improved referencing and image, social networks have real advantages for a brand. However, these platforms require some adaptations, especially in terms of audiovisual content. To keep up with the times, here are the new trends

to consider.

A lot of quality videos

Limiting yourself to the punctual publication of a corporate film or an advertising film can be a strategic mistake. Internet users are fond of videos, hence the interest inbeing regular in the production of content, giving primacy to quality. To constantly find interesting ideas, it is advisable to turn to your customers, but also to your employees, the best ambassadors of a brand.

Short, high-impact videos

A video for social networks should not exceed 90 seconds, or even less for some platforms like TikTok. Short videos get straight to the point and capture the viewer’s attention right away. To follow this trend, it is possible to offer audiovisual content in a long and short version. Ephemeral videos that last no more than 24 hours are also popular on social networks. They appeal for their more natural, spontaneous and unpretentious side.

POP Prod - The 2022 trends for social network videos

The live streaming, always topical

Broadcasting a video in real time on social networks is the perfect communication tool for an event such as a company party or a team building. As for ephemeral videos, live streaming allows for a retransmission without retouching. This mode of broadcasting with only a few seconds of difference with reality accelerates the propagation on social networks and favors the creation of buzz.

Storytelling, to better reach your audience

The traditional promotional spot that explicitly incites to purchase, Internet users do not want it anymore. They are looking for content capable of arousing emotions, a challenge that storytelling fulfills perfectly. This method of communication captures the attention of Internet users, creates and develops a bond of trust with customers who identify more easily with the brand.

Making of, an additional advertisement

Making a making of video is killing two birds with one stone. It consists in filming what happens behind the scenes during the capture of a video or the preparation of an order, and then producing one or more additional contents. The making of can be done live, without any particular technical needs. It is this authentic and more human side that guarantees its success with Internet users.


Subtitles and formats

Many users watch videos without sound, hence the interest of putting subtitles allowing them to grasp the content without further manipulation. In order for the video to adapt to the requirements of the different social networking platforms, it is highly recommended to produce in multi-format mode with landscape and portrait orientation.

POP Productions, expert in audiovisual production 3.0

Social networks must be included in any web strategy. It is essential to refine the content, especially when it comes to videos. It is therefore legitimate to want to enrich your page and profile on these platforms with videos that reach viewers. Entrust the realization of a short film and other videos that comply with the standards of social networks to our production agency. We master the codes and the functioning of the most used platforms of the moment. Contact us to tell us about your aspirations. Our expertise in new media allows us to give you relevant advice on the right video format, as close as possible to your budget, and to stay true to your DNA.

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