What are the rules for writing SEO-friendly content?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization encompasses the different techniques that allow a site to be well positioned in the results of search engines and then to increase traffic. To achieve this, certain points must be respected, including the choice and density of keywords, but also the relevance of content and titles.

Focus on quality and unique content

Duplicate content is inconceivable. Google heavily punishes plagiarism. Your site may be relegated to the 20th page of search results. Google can simply disable access to the content. A good SEO strategy implies above all a unique content, understandable, faithful to your editorial line. Choose a well-structured article, divided into paragraphs with catchy headings and keywords. Your article must be interesting to Internet users in order to increase the traffic on your site.

Choose catchy titles

SEO content is not limited to quality body text. It is essential to attract the reader’s attention as soon as the page appears in the Google search engine, hence the importance of taking care of the Title tags and the metadescription. The Title tag is the title of the page displayed in the search results. It should not exceed 70 characters. The Metadescription tag gives a summary of the page’s content. A length of 150 characters is acceptable. To optimize the referencing, insert in these two tags the main keywords.

No, to keyword stuffing

Now we come to the famous keywords. These are the words that people type into the Google search bar. And to allow the search engine to find your page, it is important to enrich the content with keywords to put in bold preferably, but not excessively. It is this overoptimization that is referred to as keyword stuffing. Too many repetitive keywords may spoil the content of the articles.

Yes, to word embedding

Word embedding translates into lexical embedding. Thus, instead of saturating the textual content with the same keywords, it is strongly recommended to extend the lexical field by using synonyms or grammatical variants, among others. This technique also improves the quality of the content since it avoids repetition. There are semantic SEO tools that automatically generate these terms. It is nevertheless advisable to choose the most relevant ones and those that are related to the theme of the article.

Build on internal and external links

To add value to your content, consider inserting links to safe sites or blogs. Their presence confirms the seriousness of your site, which improves its positioning in search engines. Internal links on keywords allow you to increase the visibility of other pages on your website. As with keywords, you should not abuse this practice and adapt the number of links to the length of the article.

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